Experienced Dom Couple ISO Younger for Fun!

Ann Arbor, MI
Height 6'0" (183cm)
Build A Little Extra
Ethnicity White
Hair Color Brown
Hair Style Crewcut
Eye Color Gray
Dress Casual
Facial Hair Goatee
Cock Size Large
Tattoos Two
Video Count 4
Favorited 1
Last Login March 20, 2012
Registered Oct. 19, 2010


Role Top Vers
Safe sex Always
HIV Status Negative
PNP/Party Drugs Never
Relationship Status Partnered/Married


Picture this: an estate in Sonoma, California.

Perhaps 20 slaveboys, 18-30, in various states of kinky development.

All of 'em hung.

All of 'em gorgeous.

And the basement of the main house is a dungeon the likes of which would put Medieval Europe to shame.

Oh, and a 55-gal. drum of J-Lube.

Fuckit, a SWIMMING POOL full of J-Lube...

Ultimate Fetish Experience

There have been so many... we've recorded most of the hotter ones, check out the vids for a peek at what we like.

What Are You Looking For

We're a young dom couple, 35 & 41, good looking and pretty damn evil-minded. Into all sorts of fun with fit boys under 35, including but not limited to:

sadism/masochism (for boys into that)
cum control/forced milking
sucking/fucking (safe only)

...and a whole lot more! Yes, we have facepics, but no, we don't share them just if you ask. One of us has a rather public job, and prefers to keep our kinky photos and personal photos separate. Talk to us first, gain our trust, we'll be happy to share.


Things that annoy me:

1. People who have profiles with nothing but 300 nearly identical pics of their shoes in slightly different positions, and think that this is somehow interesting to anyone. We understand that it's a fetish. We don't understand why you need SEVERAL HUNDRED IDENTICAL pictures. VARIETY, PEOPLE!

2. People who have a picture of themselves giving the middle finger to the camera posted in their profile. Please note, you do not look like a bad-ass motherfucker. You simply look like an asshole.

3. Anyone with "Abercrombie" in their screen name. Seriously? Get a bit more creative, will you, Crombie23010? Defining yourself by a clothing label = you're a tool.

4. People whose first approach is to ask me about long-term slavery. That's like asking "Do you think you could see yourself marrying me?" before we've even met. No, I don't see myself doing that, thanks. We've had a collared boy before, and are open to the idea again with the right boy, but if it happens it will be something that develops, and not something sought.

5. Really, we only play with people younger than us. We're just not attracted to older types for the kind of play we do. So don't message me saying "I wish I were younger," or "would you ever consider me, I'm 55 look 35." No, I won't. Just not interested, it's a physical preference thing.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: We do NOT PnP, and will have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with anyone who does. NEITHER DO WE BAREBACK.

If your "safe sex" field says anything other than "Always", move on, we won't be interested.

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